Woman’s Day magazine has a very tall image (seriously, it’s very long height-wise) on the evolution of the [American] household. It starts out in the 1950′s era and goes all the way up to today, and in the image you can see how the house and family have changed, grown, and shrunk over the years. It even includes facts about the average time spent in front of the television, and as you can imagine, this number rises gradually as the years go by. But it’s not just all physical characterstics either. The evolution of the household is a good snapshot of how the nation has changed in the way it thinks about the family and the opportunities available to each family member (women in the workforce and # of people who have college degrees is one way this is gauged).

It’s a pretty good all-in-one look at the American family and the things they do. Check it out and see if you fit in with the average household in the 2000′s. Thanks Presurfer!