I was really tired last night when I came across this link to the Ex-shirts from P4CM so I wasn’t sure when I woke up this morning if I was dreaming or not. Unfortunately, I wasn’t dreaming. These Ex-shirts are real and they were made with the intention of allowing Christians (who dare to wear it) that they are not of this world and that they have left their old self behind for something new in Christ.


I can sort of appreciate the idea, but I can’t help but think that this poorly designed concept is more damaging to the Christian image than good — especially when the world already has a misconstrued view of Christianity as an irrelevant, stupid, and unkind religion to those who do not share their beliefs.

Anyway, I guess if you can sell it then nobody is going to stop you from doing so, but I really think this is an example of poor Christian judgment in marketing faith to non-believers. Check out more images below or on P4CM’s Flickr.