Did you know that Lil Wayne goes on tour with two private buses? One of the buses he travels in. The other one is a dedicated recording studio. That’s right. He’s got a recording studio on wheels that’s on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! The reason for this, as explained in this special Grammy interview with Katie Couric (aired on February 4, 2009), is that Lil Wayne often creates his songs on the spot and the access to a personal studio even when he’s away from the studio space allows him to record any song whenever the words come to him.

The interview is actually pretty enlightening. You’ll find out from it that Lil Wayne is an avid bowler and he’ll also explain the reason for his name change from “Dwayne” to “Wayne”. I won’t ruin the reason for the name here, so just watch the video if you’re interested.