Gmail Labs just added the ability to access multiple inboxes on one screen with the “Multiple Inboxes” feature. Essentially, what this does is add dedicated search panes right alongside your regular inbox. This is great news for those of us who are power Gmail users and rely on its fantastic search capabilities to sort and organize our emails.

To get multiple inboxes in your Gmail, click the Labs icon at the top right of your inbox and then enable “Multiple Inboxes”. Once enabled, you will see a new tab under your Settings that allows you to set parameters for each inbox. Modifying each inbox is as easy as copy and pasting a search or sort query into the blank space provided. You can have up to 5 additional inboxes (best for those who have larger resolutions, obviously) and you can have them display either to the right, below, or above the main inbox.

This is by far the best Labs feature to be added to Gmail and those of us who choose to take advantage of this feature will surely see their daily productivity shoot through the roof. I feel like this is one of those features to change the web email landscape in much the same way Gmail did when they first appeared on the scene.