This is one of those inventions that I read about and end up scratching my head over wondering why nobody had thought of this earlier! The Grey Water Toilet System was invented by Alison Norcott, a student at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia who created a way for toilets to use the dirty water from your time in the shower to flush the bowl. The water is collected from the drain in the shower and stored in an in-wall tank that minimally treats the water using ultrasonic radiation. If you’re worried bacteria growing in a tank filled with dirty water, Alison has designed the system so that it flushes the tank completely of unused water every 24 hours.

Since most bathrooms that I’ve been in already have the toilet and shower in the same vicinity as each other, I don’t really see how this could cause any sort of major headache for somebody who wants to install this in their homes. I think this is a great idea coming from a place that takes water conservation very seriously. I’d love to see Alison’s system made into an actual product for homes in the near future.