The New York Times recently announced a new way to read and skim news headlines using their article skimmer. The NYT says that the article skimmer was made originally to mimic the feel of having the Sunday Times spread out across the table while having brunch — an act of consuming news that I’ve never personally done myself but that I’ve seen others do in the past.

In terms of getting a good overview of what’s being written in The New York Times, the article skimmer proves to be a fantastic tool. As most of you know, I’m an information and news junkie and getting my fix from the NYT has definitely been much more satisfying while using the article skimmer.

In fact, I consider it a “Google Reader” for the New York Times especially when I make use of its keyboard shortcuts.

We’re also geeks, so there are plenty of keyboard commands for the efficiency lovers. The space bar takes you down a section, and shift-space brings you back up. Arrow keys do the same. You can navigate sections by holding down the “s” key (s for section), typing the number that appears, and releasing the “s” key. Same goes for articles, but with the “a” key (a for article). If you need a reminder, just click the “?” in the upper right corner.

The article skimmer is a prototype at the moment and there isn’t an official name for the news reader, but I really hope the NYT puts some money behind this project. I could see it potentially replacing the NYT front page altogether. I think that would be nice.