Kelly Clarkson’s upcoming album, All I Ever Wanted, leaked onto the internet this morning just under a month before its March 10, 2009 release date. I normally don’t care much about where a leaked album comes from, but this time it’s just a bit funny. Apparently, there was no group behind this latest leak. It was leaked by iTunes in Norway.

According to Rolling Stone, All I Ever Wanted was available in the store to allow customers to preview 30-second clips of each song, but customers soon found out that due to a glitch in iTunes, they could in fact download the entire album. And so they did, and the rest is history.

I’ve had the opportunity to give it a go a couple of times over and I’m liking it. I wasn’t exactly a fan of her previous album, My December, and I think this album really brings her back to the kind of pop-rock that I liked on Breakaway. You be your own musical judge though.

So here’s what Norway has that the rest of the world is just finding out about (it’s encoded in 192kbps via iTunes). I wonder if RCA Records people want to kill Apple iTunes (Norway) right now.

By the way, if you want a hi-res version of the album cover, I’ve uploaded that to Megaupload (4143 x 4143).