I’m a huge advocate for Netflix simply because I love movies and I love their quick and speedy service. With that said, I sometimes find it cumbersome to open a new tab just to rearrange, add, or edit my Netflix queue. I know it literally takes a second to do given my internet connection, but sometimes I like my Netflix queue REALLY quick. To solve this situation, I’m now using Queued, a free Adobe AIR app from SitePen that allows me to manage my instant and DVD queues as well as rate movies and see my history. I can even browse for titles and add them using this app, which essentially is everything I ever do on Netflix anyway (minus watching streaming movies).

I understand that this is a bit redundant given the fact that I have to be online anyway to use Netflix, but it’s nice to quickly (and I do mean quickly) bring up my queue separately and edit things from here especially when my browser is near full capacity with opened tabs. :)

To use Queued, you have to Adobe AIR installed. It’s nice to have on your computer anyway, so I suggest getting it.