Republic Bike Shop is currently having a really great deal on their custom bicycles. Normally, they sell for $500, but right now they are $344 ($378 if you include shipping to continental US). The awesome thing, other than the ability to custom-build your bicycle with your own colors, is that every Republic Aristotle bicycle comes with a flip-flop hub allowing you to go from free-wheel to fixed in just a matter of minutes. I’m sure some fixed enthusiast will say that it’s not as good, but for someone like me who’s just riding casually, this is a pretty sweet deal.

Here’s a close-up of that flip-flop hub available on every Aristotle bike. If you want to get a sense of how beautiful these bicycles are, check out the gallery at Republic. As for the color combo shown above, that’s the bike I’m seriously about to order any minute now. *DROOL*