Here’s a much better picture of that nuclear duct tape from 3M that’s been making the rounds on the internet. What’s not being made clear however is that the nuclear grade duct tape actually falls under the category of industrial tape from 3M and that there are actually two versions of Duct Tape 8979 (one with an ‘N’ and one without an ‘N’).

Both rolls of tape have their own specifications, but for most people, the standard 8979 roll should do more than enough. In fact, both rolls are certified to come off clean on opaque surfaces up to 6 months after application and both tapes are said to be able to withstand extreme heat and cold. If you want a rugged, weatherproof, and roll-back-proof tape, this is your best bet. As far as I’m concerned, this is just as useful and applicable as gaffer’s tape (although I’m partial toward gaffer’s tape).