ComicConnect has exclusive images of the very rare unrestored first issue of the 1938 Action Comics (the same issue that introduced Superman to the world) on their website.

As you already know from yesterday’s post, this particular issue up for auction is special because it is one of the few remaining copies of the issue that introduced Superman. And not only is it rare, it is also unrestored, whereas most of the other ones known to exist have been artificially retouched and restored. According to comic collector Stephen Fishler, this is the “holy grail” of comic books, so that gives you a sense of how unique this item is.

At the moment, the price is currently at $200,200 with 36 bids. Bidding ends at 7PM on March 13, 2009 and some say the issue could reach a selling price of up to $400,000.

Check out the gallery below of the actual comic book for sale and see the astonishing quality for yourself.