If you’re wondering why I haven’t updated almost all weekend, you can blame it on Frenzic, a highly addictive game on the Mac (and the iPhone/iPod touch).

It’s a fairly simple game of making whole “pies” using colored shapes. You have to place the colored pieces in circles where the piece fits and clear as many full pies as you can before you run out of lives. There’s a time limit on each piece and that certainly makes the game very challenging. But it’s not just about making full “pies”. You rack up extra points by completing full circles with the same color, and if you complete a full circle of the same color on a bonus space (with the little icons), then you get Nukes, extra lives, or a slower countdown timer.

All of these factors make for lots of time wasted at the computer. I’ve literally done nothing productive since I started playing the game.

UPDATE: Check the comments for a nice surprise.