This toilet from St. Thomas Creations features the new Quattro flushing technology that uses less water than a traditional 3.5-gallon model. The Quattro toilet shown here uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush, and with its powerful direct-feed water jet, it can deliver incredibly flushing power so that you won’t have to flush multiple times when things get bad.

How does the Quattro solve toilet clogs? It has an extra large 3-inch flush valve that goes into a 2 1/8″ glazed trapway which, according to the company, “virtually eliminates clogging” altogether. That’s pretty impressive and I’m totally sold after watching the video above of various non-toilet items getting flushed successfully. I mean, shoot, if it can flush 18 large hot dogs without any problem, it pretty much proves that it can handle anything that comes out of my body.

Also, I totally see a new internet meme with this similar to what Blendtec has done with their “Will It Blend” videos.
St. Thomas Creations should start taking suggestions on what to flush down their toilets.