Matthias Wandel is back at it with his wooden inventions, this time unveiling a nifty device he calls the Jenga Pistol. The Jenga Pistol can shoot Jenga blocks out from the Jenga tower so quickly that the layer of blocks on top fall down and do not cause the tower to fall. It’s swift and easy.

He describes the gun as follows:

The pistol works by hurling a wooden captive bolt forward inside the pistol, powered by rubber bands. The bolt has a pin on the front, which protrudes out of the muzzle of the gun by about 2 cm at most. This is enough to transfer the momentum of the bolt to the Jenga block in front of the gun, not unlike how the game of croquet works.

Normally, Jenga is a multi-person game, but if I had a Jenga Pistol, I’d gladly play the game all by myself. I know, I sound like a loser, but this pistol looks fun.