As you might have heard, Apple released a new iPod shuffle today and lots of people are mad about the proprietary headphones that are needed to actually use the device.

But what people really should be mad at is the terrible VoiceOver technology, which is nothing more than text-to-speech. And if you’ve ever used any form of text-to-speech, you know that it’s one of those computer technologies that really haven’t been perfected (but it’s included in software anyway because of various laws or because somebody somewhere thinks it’s “close” to a human’s voice).

I, for one, think it sounds ridiculous. Seriously, check out the list of voices Apple has on its website and then tell me you aren’t frustrated by it after just a few seconds of listening.

And also, for a music player that claims to be the simplest on the market, it’s controls are anything but simple (see full PDF here).