Browser Ball looks like something you wouldn’t want to waste your time with. I mean, who would want to throw a virtual ball around in your monitor? But ahh! There’s something else to it! You see, Browser Ball is an experiment in advanced Javascript, and as nerdy as that sounds, this is what makes it utterly satisfying to play around with.

Browser Ball attempts to make an endless array of continuous space using nothing but browser windows to connect one space to another. The white space in each additional browser window becomes a new space for the ball to be thrown into or dragged into. You can create as many browser windows as you want to make your space bigger. Then, give the ball a “kick” and watch as it bounces effortlessly from one window to the next all while remaining on its intended path of motion.

Normally, we think of browser windows as individual entities with no real interaction between them but Browser Ball fills in this void and makes it sorta fun in the process.

Go play with Browser Ball here. [via]