I’m writing this post because there doesn’t seem to be any sort of authority on how to get into the Freedom Tunnel. All of the forum posts that I read prior to making my own trek down there essentially told me nothing other than go to 125th Street.

And I know this takes the fun out of it for some people, but it’s not like I’m telling you what’s inside the place (you’ll have to experience that for yourself), I’m just giving those people who are searching for answers a definitive response on where the exact location of the entrance is.

And just to make things clear, the entrance to the Freedom Tunnel is NOT at 125th Street.

The way I went in, and as far as I can tell, the way that many people went in too, is located at the intersection of St. Clair Place and the offramp from the Henry Hudson Parkway (aka Westside Highway). See below for the map.

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From here, you can see the tracks leading in and out of the Freedom Tunnel which is just a few more yards ahead of you.

To get onto the tracks, you can access any of the holes along the chainlink fence that borders the slope of the offramp and the train tracks (it’s hard to see in the Google Maps image, but there’s a chainlink fence along the slope that runs between the offramp and the train tracks).

If any cars are driving down the offramp, they’ll see you walking along the highway, but don’t worry about that. So as I said, you walk along the fence until you see a hole and then you just climb through. There are actually multiple holes along the fence, some bigger than others, so if you can’t fit into one, I wouldn’t panic. Just walk a bit more and there will probably be another one.

Once you climb through, you’ll be presented with tracks and you’ll want to walk close to the fence until you see the scene below.


PLEASE NOTE: BE CAREFUL OF TRAINS. You may think that because the Amtrak Trains are diesel trains that they would be very loud. But they are not. They do have a habit of speeding along very quietly and sometimes you don’t even realize one is coming before it’s almost too late. So stay alert and always have someone spotting for trains.