I’ve used Mac OS for years and the one thing that continually puzzles me about their UI is the green Expand Window button at the left top corner of almost every application window.

According to Apple, the green button is supposed to expand the window but it seems more like a Resize Window Yourself button. I can only count a number of times where the button has actually done what it’s supposed to do — EXPAND the window — and the rest of the instances that I’ve pushed the button, the window just becomes some incredibly useless size.

The other thing that irks me about it is that it doesn’t differentiate between expanded-state and pre-expanded-state. The button stays the same whether or not you’ve pushed it and this presents a problem to the user (this is especially aggravating when the button doesn’t even do its intended task of actually expanding the window).

Apple needs to fix this problem or at least give developers some guidelines on how the button should act across all application windows (not just Finder windows).