I’ve heard about the Dreamland amusement park before but I’ve never really seen many pictures of the place before it burnt down in 1911. Turns out, the Library of Congress has tons of photos of Dreamland, two of which are shown here.

In the image above taken in 1910 (#LC-USZ62-119613), Dreamland is shown in its full glory with the Dreamland Tower in the center. Less than a year after the above photo was taken, a blaze went through the entire amusement park and destroyed it. The results of this fire can be seen below (#LC-USZ62-64286).

Like many old photos in the LoC archives, these two are available for download in hi-res. Unfortunately, I’ve realized that I cannot link to LoC pages so you’ll have to go to their site and plug in the catalog #’s provided above to see the images.