I-Movix Sprintcam v3 sample shots from David Coiffier on Vimeo.

David Coiffier shot some slow-motion video with a new revision to the I-Movix SprintCam, an incredible video camera that is capabale of capturing live broadcast shots at high frame rates. Used mostly in sports, the SprintCam v3 was tested in the video above with a dart, a bouncing jelly ball, and a falling piece of Jello.

While I generally consider all slow-motion videos neat, I have to point out the Jello portion of this video in particular. It’s amazing how Jello reacts to hitting a hard surface. When it bounces back up into the air, it almost seems to float in mid-air at times because of the internal momentum generated by its Jello structure.

Seeing Jello float like that made me wonder if somebody could replicate this sort of momentum precisely enough to hold a larger object. I’m no engineer or scientist, but the general shock absorbing qualities of Jello seem like a good thing to study to improve on high-impact safety equipment.

I dunno, maybe what I’m saying doesn’t really apply, but the video is still cool.