I just posted up the full set of photos from my excursion into the abandoned Glenwood power plant.

My written account of the adventure is inside, but if all you want to see are the pictures, then check them out here.

So as many of you know, I took a trip with Brandon this past Saturday to Yonkers, NY to check out the abandoned power plant directly behind the Glenwood Metro-North train station. We got there in the afternoon and ended up spending half the day there exploring the nooks and crannies of the abandoned structure.

The Glenwood Power Plant (also known sometimes as the Hudson River Power Plant) was built in the beginning of the last century and served to power the nearby railroad for about 44 years until it was shut down completely in the 1960′s. The massive structure (actually two buildings) was built by the same folks that made Grand Central Terminal which explains the beauty on the inside despite its decaying state.

Brandon and I entered via a hole in a gate right behind the train tracks and were immediately in the presence of both large buildings. We decided to go into the building on the right because it had a doorway that said “Entrance”. From there, we combed every floor and every room.

Inside the first building are large rooms filled with leftover debris presumably from when they cleared out the power plant. It’s surprising how much equipment is still there; control panels, large generators (I think that’s what they were), and tons and tons of bricks. From one room, Brandon and I were able to go into the basement of the building and check things out. It was pitch black down there so the flashlight served us well. But even still, it was a bit spooky and it felt like a ghost or a little child could pop out at any second (thankfully, that didn’t happen). My Speedlite did a very good job of lighting up the place, so I’m glad I had that with me.

At some points in the basement, the ceiling from the floor above us was caving down so much that it felt like it would drop on top of us at any moment. And there was a section of wall that had these peculiar ceramic objects inside that were all broken. Brandon and I couldn’t figure out what they were for, so we just moved along. The basement also seemed to have a lot of left over equipment from crews that might have worked at the site (you’ll see pics in the gallery).

On the third floor, Brandon and I went across the connecting bridge to the second structure. It was a scary ordeal because most of the bridge was gone and we had to literally travel across on the ledge of the iron railing, hoping that it would be strong enough to carry us. Every step we took we made sure it was stable before putting all of our weight on it. But the fear disappeared once we reached building #2 and were presented with the enormity of the space inside.

Building #2 was the same size as building #1, but without the floors separating the place on the inside, it felt like it was many times bigger. The basement floor on the second building had a layer of mud so thick that walking on it literally sucked the shoes off your feet. Brandon and I were slipping around in the mud and our shoes were nearly ruined by the muck. From the 3rd floor of the second building, Brandon and I were actually able to walk to the smokestack section of the building which was full of iron catwalks and railings, some of which were half gone.

The smokestack was probably the coolest place to be in. Brandon and I nearly missed it but he decided to crawl into this small hole where brick was spewing out from. Standing inside was intense. The light coming through from such a height illuminated the place just enough for us to see each other and the bricks under our feet. Along the wall of the smokestack was ladder rungs. Some of the layers of brick in the smokestack had fallen over which made us not so sure about the rigidity of the ladder rungs, so we didn’t go up too high. But still, it was awesome just standing in there.

For the most part, the structure is safe to be in but I cannot stress enough the care that you need to take in watching your step if you plan on going in yourself. Brandon and I had one very close call inside that freaked the heck out of us. While we were in the basement of building #2, a large metal piece came falling from the 4th floor and only landed a couple of feet away from us. If we had been standing any closer, we would have been seriously injured or killed. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Brandon about it.

Anyway, it was a fun day and I easily could have spent a couple of more hours in there. Can’t wait to go to the next place on the list!

Again, here’s the link for the pictures!