Today’s Woot deal is a refurbished 5G iPod video for $104. That’s a good deal actually, but even if you aren’t in the market for one, you should head on over to Woot to read their product description.

In case your monitor can’t display pictures, or you’re black-white colorblind, or you’ve never seen an iPod before, let’s make this clear: this iPod comes with white earbuds and white earbuds only.

We say this to pre-empt another ugly situation like the one we had with Millard, the customer who demanded satisfaction after we had the temerity to send white earbuds with his black iPod.

Not mollified by the fact that Apple only makes white earbuds, Millard grumbled that now his daughter would lack a properly color-coordinated personal media solution. So he went out and paid $29 for black earbuds somewhere else and laid the blame at our feet. Despite our humongous photo of said iPod with white earbuds, despite everybody on Earth except Millard knowing that Apple’s white earbuds are iconic and ubiquitous, Millard still insisted that we “do something to off-set my additional expense” because he “felt mislead.” We’re a funny species, aren’t we?

So for all you Millards out there, even if you choose the “Black” option for today’s Apple iPod 30GB Video, be advised that it will NOT include black earbuds. It will give you 30GB of storage space for music and video, a 2.5” 320×240 QVGA screen, and a built-in rechargeable battery good for 14 hours of music or 2 hours of video on a charge. And it’ll come in the characteristically stylish and hand-pleasing Apple hardware that has taken the world by storm. If you really, really need to play your Black iPod through something black, we know where you can find a cheap iPod boombox/docking speakmajig that will satisfy your peculiar chromatic fixation.

But black earbuds? Sorry, Millard. Not the way this whole iPod thing works. Before you spend thirty bucks to correct our “mistake”, here’s a tip: it’d be a lot cheaper to buy a can of spray paint. Sure, you won’t be able to listen to the earbuds after you paint them. But they’ll be the right color. And that’s really the important thing. Apparently.

Those Woot guys are good writers!