AdAge is confirming a very early leak of a 90% finished workprint of the upcoming film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The leak comes nearly a month before the film gets released in theaters and studio executives are having some mixed reactions. Some are saying that the leak won’t (or shouldn’t) affect ticket sales too much because the people who will be downloading it are either the type who weren’t going to pay to see it anyway or those who would have gone to see it 10 times in the first week.

But the peril “Wolverine” now faces, according to Marvel Studio’s recently departed worldwide head of marketing and distribution, Geoff Ammer, is not piracy — it’s marketing.

“If it’s a good movie, it won’t fucking matter. People will go see it,” Mr. Ammer said. “But if it’s a bad movie, it could have consequences. There’s such a small universe of people that would go and download the movie. So if one fan boy hates the movie and then goes on every fan site, saying ‘This is unreleasable, blah blah blah.’ one person’s opinion doesn’t make a difference. But if a lot of fanboys download it and all concur, en masse, that’s your downside.”

That is so true. Here’s what 20th Century Fox had to say.

Would you download the film early knowing that it isn’t complete and some special effects are missing?

UPDATE: Underwire is echoing a BBC report that says the workprint comes from an Australian special effects studio called Rising Sun Pictures, though the person(s) behind the leak have yet to be identified.