I normally don’t take pictures of my food because I’d rather just dive into it than sit around and try to recapture its essence in photographs. But today, I had to take a picture of what I had for lunch because it was so good!

There’s this place called Leocadia Milanes on 26th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway that serves absolutely delicious Latin American/Spanish cuisine for dirt cheap! Flo and I got an order of maduros to share and then I got a beef special (with yellow rice, beans, and vegetables) and she got a chicken special (also with yellow rice and beans).

It was so filling that I actually had to stop eating and save the second half for later because I was so full.

The restaurant itself looks like nothing special on the outside. On the inside there are a couple of bar stools at the counter and some tables for eating in at the back. The women and men behind the counter talk to each other in Spanish and are very nice and friendly. Overall, a very relaxing atmosphere to enjoy lunch.