I have a New York Fahgettaboudit Kryptonite lock and it is great. It’s big and heavy but that’s to be expected from a chain that protects against the hardest of thieves who are out to steal a bike. If I’m out with my bike, you can bet I carry my Kryptonite lock with me.

And while Kryptonite locks are known to be incredibly strong and resilient against attacks, there’s gotta be something said about the lock’s construction quality. In plain words, it sucks. The black plate that covers the hole where the key is inserted is falling off and it doesn’t seem to be an isolated case as my brother who also owns the same lock has had his plate completely snap off. While mine hasn’t snapped off just yet, it’ll be a matter of days before I know my Kryptonite lock will be without a plate covering the keyhole from the weather (thus increasing the potential for rust, etc.).

The problem it seems stems from 2 very weak screws that hold the black plate onto the lock body. Without much abuse, these screws seem to just fall right out of their holes.

So Kryptonite, if you’re reading this, please find a way to remedy this problem. While not essential to the actual protection of a bike, the fact that your locks fall apart so easily makes me have a bit less faith in your product.