Back in October of last year, I posted a video of a kid named Sammy who sang a song called The Cuppy Cake Song. I didn’t really know much about the video then and I didn’t know much about the kid beyond his name so I just sort of left it at that.

The other day however, Lost At E Minor posted a follow-up video featuring Sam and included some background info on him. It turns out that his full name was Sam Castle and that his fat cheeks were part of a rare health condition that affects his growth and weight. The video of him lip-syncing to The Cuppy Cake song has actually helped him get some treatment for his condition and in November 2008, he appeared alongside the original singer of The Cuppy Cake song and did a video a together with her.

Here’s the full story below:

On November 13th, 2008, I had the pleasure of meeting Sam, the adorable boy who did a lip-syncing rendition of my Cuppycake song.

The show, “The Doctors” saw the video of him on YouTube, and wanted to have him on their show. They tracked Sam down, and found out that he lives in Alaska with his parents and siblings.

He has a rare kidney condition, and takes steroids to keep him alive. The steroids have stunted his growth, resulting in his chubbier appearance.

Sam and his mother Angie flew all the way from Alaska to be on “The Doctors.” They’re going to put him in touch with the best doctors to try to find an alternative medicine to help him get better.

Sam is an extremely intelligent young man. We spent our time talking about video games, and youtube. He’s seen some of the not so nice comments on his video, and they’re tough for him to read. He hopes that people won’t judge him before knowing his story.

And here’s Sam’s original video below.