I have 4 free Netflix one-month trials to give away to 4 random readers who submit an outstanding joke via the comments below. One winning entry per IP/email address.

Netflix’s normal trial period lasts only 2 weeks and the codes I have allow you to get an entire month for free. A great deal for a great service. I’ve been a subscriber to Netflix for a long time and it’s currently the one service I pay for that I would have a hard time giving up. It’s addicting. Plus, there are tons of streaming movies available to watch ANYTIME.

So go ahead, tell me a funny joke below and maybe you’ll get a month of free movies from me courtesy of Netflix!

UPDATE: I forgot to say that comments can be submitted until Thursday @ 2PM EST. Sometime after that, I will choose 4 random comments below as the winners. If you win, you will be notified via email! Thank you! The jokes so far are very funny! :)


Thank you all for the funny jokes! Here are the 4 winners, selected randomly via

  • Clarence
  • Whitney
  • Morgan
  • Lucy

If your name is there and you did not receive an email from me, please contact me for more info! Thank you!