Of all of the years that I’ve lived in New York City, I have never once heard about Riverbank State Park, a sizable recreational park located above the North River Water Pollution Control Plant. For the first time today, I went there and it is such a great place! There’s a lot of basketball courts, tennis courts, a full-size oval track, a baseball field, and a good amount of open space that you would not think to find in the middle of Manhattan.

I didn’t see it, but according to the New York State Parks website, Riverbank State Park also houses an Olympic-size swimming pool that is housed under 5 separate buildings! Getting to Riverbank State Park is quite wonderful too because you have to travel across this pedestrian bridge which puts you right over the West Side Highway (and over the Amtrak train tracks that lead into the Freedom Tunnel).

It’s a nice place to sit and get a view of the Hudson River, so if you’re in the area (around 138th Street or 145th Street), I recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

You can see a bigger version of the photo above at You’re My Favourite.