There’s a bit of a funny tale going on around this Three Wolf Moon T-shirt that’s being sold on Amazon.com.

Dazed Digital did some research and found out this much:

Calling long distance numbers off random websites isn’t a regular pastime but I’ve been trying to track down artist Antonia Neschev. Born in Sofia in 1962, Neschev graduated from Bulgaria’s National Fine Arts Academy in 1982 (I’m lifting this from her website, you should check it out). She moved to the USA in 1996 and has since pursued a career in art that’s attracted minimal attention. Which is not to make a judgement. It’s just a fact.

Some time towards the end of 2008 a low-key New Hampshire t-shirt company, The Mountain, licensed an image by Neschev of three wolves howling at the moon. The resulting tee is beyond kitsch, goes past irony. It’s probably located somewhere in the realm of the un-wearable. Ignoring all of this though, some time in November one Amazon user posts a five star review of the item, and six months later, May 2009, it’s become the top selling clothing product on the site with sales up 2,300%.

At the time of this post, there are 1155 reviews of this T-shirt that could only be labeled as ironic and tongue-in-cheek because I have a feeling that very few people in this world would truly find this T-shirt attractive. But still, for about $12-$18 (depending on your size) this could be a great impulse buy that will put you in with a very nerdy group of online individuals. And if you’re totally fine with the rest of the world looking at you like you’re crazy, then this might be one deal to take advantage of on Amazon.com.