In Time Magazine’s special commemorative issue on Michael Jackson, they interviewed John Mayer on the topic of Michael Jackson and this particular paragraph struck me as sincere and true:

Michael Jackson proves, in a really sort of perverse way, that maybe we’re not as offended by behavior as we are entranced by music. And think about that. Think about what level of quality you must have to attain to have somebody say, “I know that you’re accused of having molested children, but I can’t hate you for that as much as I love you for your music.” I’m not saying that’s right or wrong; I’m saying that it’s fascinating. That somebody could be that great. That somebody could have that much of a marriage with your emotions just through music.

Despite all of the horrible things said about Michael Jackson, the fact remains that he made great music that transcends any doubt about his character. It’s this characteristic that made Michael continue to succeed despite harsh criticism.

In this day and age, I can only compare him to Chris Brown whose career is scarred forever because of his altercation with Rihanna. You don’t see Chris Brown bouncing back as popular do you? No, no you don’t, and that’s because he’s no Michael Jackson. Not even close.