CableJive was kind enough to send me their iStubz and I’m even more convinced now that this is the single most important accessory to own if you have an iPod, iPhone, or iPod touch.

As I mentioned earlier, the standard-issue iPod dock connector cables are way too long for no apparent reason. In my own personal use and also while watching other people connect their iPod to their computer, I have never once seen anybody use the full length of the standard iPod dock connector cable. NEVER. The default length ends up being more of a bother than a solution to anything because it ends up entangling with other cables to other peripherals or literally strangling other items on your desk. I hardly consider untangling wires a hobby so I really love what CableJive has done with these just-right iStubz. I love being able to pack away my cable for my iPod without having to worry about dragging something else tangled with it off my desk (I’ve come close to breaking many things like this before).

Plus, iStubz come in two sizes, 7cm and 22cm, both of which are purely functional and no-hassle. Both of these are ideal for travel and are constructed in the same way as the default iPod connector cable (in fact, I couldn’t tell a difference when I was just looking at the ends).

In my opinion, these iStubz are godsend and definitely something every iPod/iPhone user should consider purchasing. I’ve taken some pictures below of both cables compared to the standard cable length. Check them out, and then go ahead and make the best $8 or $9 decision of your day.

Note: I kept the plastic coverings on the iStubz because I’m particular about keeping new things new for as long as possible. Forgive my OCD.