Here is the first hi-res image of Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story Collection coming from Disney/Pixar this coming Fall. Buzz Lightyear is an actual-size 12″ action figure that will be selling for $35 at all toy retailers very soon. This action figure has 30 sayings programmed into its core and is highly poseable.

I wasn’t exactly all too into the remote controlled Buzz Lightyear because its motions were so jerky. I would much rather have a poseable action figure on my desk than a robot that I have to use a remote control for.

From what I’ve read, the toy above has no karate-chop action, which sorta sucks because that seems to always be the thing missing from these various Buzz Lightyear toys. I mean, it’s advertised in the Toy Story film, so why can’t the toy be true to the movie?

Overall however, this is the toy I want. Click on the image above to see the toy UP CLOSE.