I saw District 9 last night with Danny. The movie is pretty insane to say the least and it’s a bit deeper than most sci-fi flicks I’ve seen mainly because it deals with humanitarian issues (but in terms of aliens, of course). The movie brings up lots of issues about descrimination — if you haven’t already noticed from the teasers and trailers — and flips the issue around by introducing aliens as a species that one could possibly be biased against.

The special effects for this movie are pretty spectacular. You really end up believing that aliens have landed and have taken refuge in this area called District 9. Without revealing too much, I’ll just say that alien guns are by far more intense than human firepower.

I will say, however, that if you watch this film in theaters, be prepared for some of the freakiest and scariest previews you’ll ever see. I think the production company behind District 9 makes a lot of scary movies.

This isn’t much of a review but if you asked me whether or not I would recommend this film for others, the answer is YES.