School is starting back up for many students and for the first time in about 18 years I am not going back to classes. It’s a bit weird not having to worry about grades, buying school supplies, and showing up for classes…although in due time I’ll have to worry about showing up for work on time instead.

Anyway, as I watched some of the students move in to FIT across the street yesterday, I realized that summer for me was also ending despite not really having anywhere to be. So what better way to sum up the summer than to create a mix of songs that stuck with me through the last several months, right?

A lot of the songs here familiar singles and for good reason — they’re great songs! Like all of the mixes I make, I intended this one to be played in the car while driving, but you’re free to download it and listen to it on your iPod while walking around campus (or to work) or while you’re sitting at your desk. It’s an overall upbeat mix so don’t expect to put this one on while you’re trying to sleep.


01 Hot Hot Heat – Let Me In
02 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero
03 Passion Pit – Make Light
04 Phoenix – 1901
05 Thunderheist – Jerk it
06 Chiddy Bang – Truth (featuring Passion Pit)
07 Peter Bjorn and John – Nothing To Worry About
08 The Bloody Beetroots – Awesome (featuring The Cool Kids)
09 Calvin Harris – Flashback
10 Clipse – I’m Good
11 Donnis – Country Cool
12 Mat Kearney – All I Have
13 Mute Math – Odds
14 Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance
15 Phoenix – Lisztomania
17 Zee Avi – Bitter Heart

Get the mix here: Megaupload.