So much for saving the environment and making you healthier. SIGG, the Swiss company that makes reusable water bottles, has posted a letter from its CEO admitting to having traces of BPA in its water bottle liners up until August 2008. That means that if you bought a SIGG water bottle before August 2008, chances are that your bottle contains trace amounts of BPA which can be harmful to your health if used consistently.

If you want to make sure your bottle isn’t affected, SIGG actually has a pretty easy way of identifying the previous bottles from the new eco-friendlier bottles. The previous bottle liners were bronze in color.


Treehugger has a run-down of why SIGG previously said that there was no BPA in their products, noting that the company relied on previous standards tests which only detected a certain level of BPA (low, but not non-existent entirely). And now that standards have changed, SIGG is admitting that it did use a liner that contained BPA prior to August 2008.

If you have a SIGG bottle from August 2008 and before and are worried about the effects of BPA in your bottle, you have to contact SIGG individually to inquire about a replacement.