What i have here are 3 iPhone cases from DSstyles. DSstyles carries cases (among other i-accessories) for the iPod touch and iPhone. They vary from simple to the extremely blinged out. The three that I received are from the Twill, Amano and Fibra series. If you want to see how they hold up as iPhone cases, click inside and keep reading.

Fibra – $30 (and comes in green, purple, dark green, black, and white)

Pros: I was initially most drawn to this case because of its ballistic nylon exterior. This case offers 360 degree coverage of the phone without being too bulky. Volume rockers, hold switch and headphone jack are accessible and camera hole is precisely positioned.
Cons: Although this case maintains points in aesthetics and coverage, it also features a relatively odd fit. I found myself having quite a difficult time putting the case on and taking it off. I’m also not too crazy about the flap that goes over the screen – it’s just an extra step between my fingers and the screen. Construction is also a bit shoddy. In addition, I could have done without the engraved floral pattern inside the front flap. It’s design decisions like that that make me think this green Fibra is geared more toward a female buyer.

Twill – $30 (and comes in black and white)

Pros: The Twill was the most aesthetically pleasing of all three cases I had. At first glance, it looks like carbon fiber. The iPhone slips easily into this case and is protected from all sides without having to completely cover the face of the iPhone. All external buttons are accessible while this case is secured around the iPhone.
Cons: It’s not carbon fiber. While it’s easy to insert into the case, taking the iPhone out of the case is another ordeal that you’ll need super-human strength for.

Amano – $25 (and comes in brown, silver, white, red, pink, blue, yellow, and black)

Pros: This is the easiest case to put on and I like that it’s very slim. It protects the back of the iPhone well.
Cons: This case is damn ugly. If you’re all about function over form, then this case is for you. Because let’s face it, nobody is going to want to steal or hold your iPhone when it’s in this case.