Check this ridiculous news out: The New York Times is attempting to con some folks into paying $3.45 a week for news that’s already mostly free. If there ever was a sign that “The Gray Lady” wasn’t quite understanding the digital revolution, then this certainly is it. In an attempt to seem hip and relevant, the Times is offering this already-outdated subscription-based model to people who supposedly like to log online, download all the day’s news, and then go offline for the rest of the day in some secluded part of the world where there is no internet.

Now, I understand that you can’t always be connected to receive the news as it happens (and if you’re in that small percentage of the population, then this app might appeal to you), but if you really are concerned about receiving breaking news as it gets reported by The New York Times (and strictly by The New York Times only), then chances are that you’re probably already always connected. And if you’re always connected, then you’ll know that ALL breaking news on The New York Times is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Oh, and big deal — so you can do The New York Times’ crossword puzzle with slightly more ease than with pencil on paper…psssht. The fact that that point even makes it into the video just shows how lame and retarded this Times Reader app is. Absolutely useless to about 100% of the people I know.