In short, the two films played back to back were just as wonderful as I remember them to be. It’s been a while since I’ve seen either film and to see them on the large screen in 3D was pretty fun. Of course, nothing was new to me, but the 3D effect was good enough throughout the film to keep me entertained. It’s a gimmick to put a film out in 3D, but for Toy Story, it seems to work.

If you get a chance to buy tickets to see it before its two-week run is over, make sure you stay during the intermission because you’ll be treated to some nice little Toy Story trivia and cut-scenes that have never before been seen elsewhere.

Oh, and keep your eyes peel for the very awesome Toy Story 3 teaser/trailer at the beginning during the previews. Here’s a fun video just to watch now. But seriously, go see the double feature in theaters. :)