First of all, a big thank you goes out to Chris of Perennial Media who kindly purchased a pack of Polaroid 600 for me to play with after I had mentioned that I had received a Polaroid Sun 600 camera.

I had to wait a bit to receive the pack because apparently (and I didn’t know this) the price of a pack of Polaroid fluctuates like mad. One day it’ll be about $30 and the next it will literally jump to about $80. I’ve never seen a product go through so many price changes in one week. But thankfully, it’s finally here, and I’ll say that it’s a bit fun and challenging to try and find 10 things to shoot without feeling like you’re wasting the film. It’s been so long since I’ve shot any sort of film that this feeling is once again new to me.

I’ll post all 10 photos once I get them all shot.