Perhaps you’ve heard of Jordan Matter. He is a portrait photographer based in New York City and he and his photos have been featured on television (BBC, The Today Show, MSNBC) and written about in newspapers, magazines, and publications all around the world. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, all you need is to take one look at his book Uncovered and you’ll know why.

You see, Jordan Matter spent 6 years photographing women nude in New York City public spaces and as he and others involved in his project soon found out, breasts — no matter what shape, size, or color — are a big deal. Since 1992, it has been legal for women to bear their breasts in public, an act that was ruled lawful in New York State Supreme Court after the ruling said that it was discriminatory against women since men routinely go shirtless without any problem. Going simply on this ruling alone, Jordan Matter invited volunteers to be a part of his project to see just how people would react to seeing a woman go bare-breasted on the streets of NYC.

Inside Uncovered are not only Jordan Matter’s photos from the fascinating series, but also personal accounts from the very same women that volunteered to be a part of this project. The personal statements from each woman give an idea of how some women see themselves and view the female body in an environment that can sometimes be so harsh and cruel to somebody who might not look like they come straight out of a fashion magazine. The book is stimulating for the eyes and for the mind and it’s definitely a book I would suggest you pick up and flip through on your own time.

Much thanks to Jordan Matter for the signed copy of the book! Check out some images below and purchase the book through for $45.