It doesn’t seem like I’m the only one who has had problems opening multiple files in Adobe Photoshop CS4 while running Snow Leopard.

In Photoshop CS3, I was able to drag multiple items into the Photoshop icon in my dock and have them all open up at once. I could do this with regular Finder items and items from within Bridge and other Adobe apps as well. But in Photoshop CS4, this functionality is sporadic at best. If I’m dragging 5 items, let’s say, sometimes Photoshop will only open 1 and other times it’ll open 3 or something. The number seems to be random.

I don’t really know if it’s a problem with Adobe or with Snow Leopard since I never ran CS4 under Leopard to see if that functionality worked there. But for now, it’s a pretty major inconvenience that I hope Apple or Adobe get fixed soon.