The Designing Obama book by Scott Thomas is nearing its final support and fundraising date of November 5th and the project still has just over $10,000 to raise in just 16 days!

If you don’t know, Designing Obama is a collection of the vast amount of artwork that helped draw support for then-Presidential nominee Barack Obama. It is due to the power of these visual images from these artists that Barack Obama stands as our President. The 360-page book is full-color, hardbound, and comes with an embossed sleeve.

A simple pledge of $10 will get you a digital copy of the book; a $50 pledge will receive an actual book with a white embossed sleeve (and also digital versions of the book); a $100 pledge will get you a silver edition of the book; and a $150 or more pledge will get you a gold version of the book.

You can pledge your amount now and the lovely thing is that your credit card will not be charged unless the fundraising goal is made. If it is not, you don’t get charged to buy the book (because the book will not get published). It’s a pretty great thing to stand behind I think and I encourage you all to be a part of making this book become a reality.

Pledge your desired amount here.