I have a Targus Bluetooth Laser Mouse in my possession and I’m going to tell you about it now.

The major difference between this mouse and other Bluetooth laser mouse on the market is that this Targus mouse has a touch scroll wheel. It’s a nice change from the traditional scroll wheels which can become dirty and get stuck. The touch scroll wheel here takes a bit of getting used to as it’s hard to control the speed at first. But after a couple of minutes, your finger adjusts accordingly. I don’t think it’s better or more precise than a scroll wheel, but it’s nice nonetheless.

The mouse is full-sized unlike most other Bluetooth mice on the market which are made for laptop users and come at incredibly small sizes. It’s not very ergonomic but at least your hand isn’t scrunching up just to use it. Comfort: Ok.

The mouse has a nice audible click to the left and right mouse buttons which I like. The touch scroll is also a middle-click button, but unfortunately, you cannot press it down and have pages automatically scroll. I wish this functionality was built-in.

On the left side of the mouse are two extra buttons that are simply placed in the most retarded place possible. The farther button is so inconvenient to press that you have to stretch your hand in weird positions just to get to it. The closer side button is so easy to accidentally press that I just disabled it altogether. Simply put, this mouse would be better if it didn’t come with any buttons on the side at all.

As for construction, this mouse is rather cheap. It feels cheap, but then again, that’s because the mouse is cheap. Pick one up at Amazon.com for just over $20.

Oh, by the way, if you do plan on buying this mouse and you need the software for it, DO NOT download it from the Targus website. For some reason, they link to a really outdated version of the software. The software you need can be downloaded here (ver. 2.1.0f2).