Back in May of this year, I posted about a wonderful redesign project by Dustin Curtis who took it upon himself to redesign the American Airlines website. Dustin’s reasons for doing this were to hopefully inspire American Airlines to do something about their barely usable site and to generally give them a better online presence in the midst of competition from people like JetBlue (who have a great online website).

As the story goes, Dustin was then contacted by somebody — Mr. X, as he is known — who worked at American Airlines and wanted to clear the air with some knowledge of how the design process works at AA.

Well, Mr. X volunteered that information and then AA fired him for apparently breaking a non-disclosure agreement which is unfortunate because Mr. X seemed pretty passionate about what he did at AA in his letter to Dustin.

I’m not going to go into who was right or wrong here, but I hope American Airlines gets over their red tape and thinks about what they’ve just done.