Last week, Phosphor sent over one of their brand-new E-Ink Digital Watches (one with a stainless steel band) for me to check out and play around with. The watch I have is one of three variations of their E-Ink Digital Watches that range in price from $175 and up.

Before you even get to see the watch, you are presented with a rather large and sturdy hard box that protects the watch during shipping and also stores it away safely when you aren’t wearing it around your wrist. The box is rather simple inside and out and goes very well with the watch stored within it.

When you pick up the stainless steel version of the E-Ink Digital Watch, the first thing you’ll notice (if you don’t get distracted by the screen first) is its weight. It’s quite heavy and it feels very good in your hand and I feel as if it weighs your arm down just the right amount to not feel too cheap. The other thing you’ll notice right away is the very, very clear screen. So clear in fact that at first glance, you think that the company might have sent you one of those mock units that they put on store shelves. But don’t worry, the screen is so clear because the watch makes use of the same e-ink technology seen on e-ink readers like the Amazon Kindle or the Barnes & Noble Nook. If you’ve ever seen one of those devices, then you’ll know just how great it is to read text both big and small on the screen. You don’t have to worry about pixels or dots getting in the way.

The great thing about e-ink technology is its ability to change almost instantly. The Phosphor E-Ink Digital Watch has a dedicated button to switch from black-on-white display to white-on-black display as you’ll see in the photos. The other button on the left side of the watch cycles through current time (2 modes), date, and alarm functionality.

Another benefit of e-ink technology is its size — the E-Ink Digital Watch is thin for its class and will easily slip in and out of shirt sleeves without having to force you to take off the watch. And should you need to take off the watch, the quick-release latch (standard on many stainless steel band watches) will allow you to do so effortlessly.

All of this in a great looking watch that completes itself with a 50m water resistance and ultra-sleek look that will definitely be something to show off to others.

The only thing this watch seems to be lacking is some sort of backlit display which I think is the only real handicap that this watch has against others similar to it. But don’t let that hold you back from this neat watch that seems to be at the forefront of using e-ink display technology to get the time across.

Check out the photos below and then pick up the Phosphor E-INK Stainless Steel digital watch at for $195 (or pick the one with a leather band or the one with a Polyurethane band — both of which are cheaper than their stainless steel counterpart).