GLOW IN THE DARK, a new book by hip-hop artist Kanye West gives readers a front-row seat to the sold-out 2008 GLOW IN THE DARK tour through the eyes of photographer Nabil Elderkin (NOTE: Rizzoli USA sent this copy over to me for review). I had the opportunity to see Kanye West’s tour while I was in Australia and can tell you that from beginning to end, this was one of the most incredible live shows I’ve ever seen. Forget whether or not you hate him for what he does off-stage, this book is going to make you admire him for his ability to entertain and perform.

Nabil Elderkin followed Kanye around the world during the time on tour and has some wonderful behind-the-scenes photos of Kanye’s creations, inspirations, and party photos littered in between interview quotes with Spike Jonze.

Nabil even photographs some of Kanye’s sketches that eventually turn into his own costumes and set designs and also the costumes of people on tour with him (most notably, Rihanna). The whole book has a very dark feel to it that makes me think of the actual tour (I saw him and this set when I was in Australia) which is exactly what the designers, Base, wanted to convey through the layout and design of the book.

With 288 pages and about 400 photographs, GLOW IN THE DARK (Rizzoli USA) is going to be a fantastic coffee-table book for anyone whether you’re a fan of Kanye, his music, or just great photography in general.

Oh, and if you get a chance to pick up the book, you’ll also be rewarded with a surprise 5-track CD exclusive with unreleased music. The normal retail price of the book is $50, but if you purchase now on, then you can pick up GLOW IN THE DARK for just $31.50 — a price that’s well worth all of the content you’ll find inside its covers.

Here are some photos to hold you over.