The ADC has a gallery on 29th Street that I pass by often. Emanating from this space is a usual crowd of highly creative people with incredible work, all worthy of some recognition and all worthy of their work being shown and presented there. What puzzles me about the new Art Directors Club logo is that this logo does not convey that same sense of creativity at all. In fact, it is probably the most boring logo redesign I’ve ever seen approved. The former ADC logo wasn’t the greatest looking I’ll admit, but it had a unique look to it that certainly made it stand out among other art galleries/clubs/organizations. The former logo had an old feel to it (despite actually being designed in 2005 by Paula Scher, according to Brand New) and that’s what I loved about it. It made me feel like I was going into a well-established organization and participating in great discussions with great artists. The new logo, composed of a tightly spaced Franklin Gothic, just cannot compete with the former logo in my opinion. It screams laziness, conformity, and a feeling of joining the David Barton Gym (as one commenter on Brand New says).

To put it simply, I think this is a huge mistake and a very unfortunate one for such a great organization. I mean, yuck, just look at that huge logo on their website.