Here are some photos from the Superdry New York store launch party which was held last night. The store was closed to the public from 6PM onward and open only to invited guests and press to see the full set of apparel, bags, accessories, and jeans. I was told that folks from the UK (Superdry’s headquarters) were at the event to see the opening of the company’s first dedicated Superdry outlet. The store itself is huge (one of the largest single clothing retailers along Broadway) and the inside is outfitted with unique clothing shelves that were branded and made to look like they were picked up at the junkyard.

While people were mingling and having food and drinks, I looked around at their line and was impressed with their line of jackets, some of which I don’t recall seeing at their online store at Cult. In any case, I really wanted to try them on but I felt a bit weird doing so at the opening party, so I’ll probably head back in at a later time and let you know how they feel.

The attention to detail even came down to the tags on the clothes as some items included a nice and beat-up aluminum piece to take home after purchase. Overall, the store is worth a visit and inside you’ll find a wealth of great clothing and accessories options for this coming winter. If you aren’t in NYC, here are some photos you can check out.