For the better part of the last couple of weeks, I’ve been making good use of a North Face Base Camp Master Cylinder backpack that was given to me by The North Face. The bag is part of the Base Camp series of equipment and accessories meant for recreational outdoor use as well as everyday casual use off the¬†wilderness¬†trails.

The review unit I received was all black in color but the bag itself comes in at least 3 different colors (a search online will bring up several options for colors). The exterior top, bottom, and front-side of the bag is made of a rugged and durable Phthalate-free TPR fabric laminate that is waterproof while the backside is made of nylon that is water-repellent (but don’t expect your stuff to stay dry if you leave your bag upside down in the rain).

The bag size is pretty average compared to most standard backpacks. It can fit my 15″ MacBook Pro easily with room for lots of other stuffing. The inside of the bag comes with a nice top divider with hooks that hook into the inside corners of the bag so that it firmly holds your valuables in place when the bag is closed. The inside divider has a zippered pocket and room for an iPod, pens, toothbrushes, cards, and other small accessories. On the backside of the top flap is another zippered mesh pocket that is good for holding slightly larger valuables.

One of the great things about this bag is that it’s really comfortable on your back. When filled with heavy junk, the bag remains sturdy on your back because of cross strap over the chest and the padded shoulder straps that are found on most North Face backpacks. And because the back nylon area is slightly padded, you don’t have to worry about stuff on the inside of the bag poking you too hard.

Check out some of the pictures below and grab a BASE CAMP MASTER CYLINDER for $99!