The folks over at BottleMate sent over two production units of their only product by the same name. The BottleMate (in case you missed my last post on it) is a bottle opener that works with relative ease. With one simple push-down motion, the BottleMate removes the bottle cap off of most standard sized bottles and should keep the bottle cap from flying onto the floor.

In the video below, the bottle cap goes flying off of the bottle, but that’s because we used it wrong. The BottleMate has a built-in magnet that should keep the bottle cap attached to the device so long as you don’t swing it straight off of the bottle like we did below.

Overall, the BottleMate is a pretty neat device to keep around. Unfortunately, it’s too bulky to be brought with you everywhere you go, but if you’re throwing a party and you need to pop open quite a few number of bottles, the BottleMate is going to do the job without making you sweat. Pick one up for $10 or get a good deal if you buy them in bulk (great for presents!!).

Thanks to Funko and Norman for volunteering their arms and voices.

BottleMate bottle opener from Herman Yung on Vimeo.